The Bentley Continental GT takes on… Pikes Peak?


The Bentley Continental GT is usually found on metropolitan streets and inter-city highways, but it turns out it also looks rather at home in an off-road environment. Indeed Bentley claimed the outright record for a production car at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on Sunday, 30th of June, 2019 in Colorado, USA.

Driven by three-time champion, former ‘King of the Mountain’ Rhys Millen (NZ), the Continental GT conquered the 12.42-mile course in just 10:18.488, taking 8.4 seconds off the previous record and averaging 70mph.

Just 12 months ago, the Bentley Bentayga claimed the outright record for a production SUV on the Pikes Peak course. Again piloted by Millen, the luxurious SUV completed the course in 10:49.9, taking nearly two minutes off the previous record.

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