The Cupra Born’s final winter tests: at -30ºC


Cupra engineers have spent the last two years subjecting Born, the brand’s first fully-electric car, to over 1,000 tests on a 6 square kilometer frozen lake test circuit near the Artic Circle. Ahead of the car’s launch in May, the dynamics team have been pushing the car to its limits in severe -30ºC conditions.

As well as nearly 19,000 durability test miles, the Dynamic Chassis Control and the various damper settings have been evaluated. The inner part of the frozen test track is more polished that the outer part, in order to promote sliding, enabling the engineers to optimise the handling characteristics of Born.

The Cupra team has also tested Born on tracks that combine ice and asphalt surfaces in different ways, offering a variety of grip conditions. The team can recreate the most challenging conditions, and sensors on all four wheels analyse each type of terrain to find the balance that provides the most stable braking.

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