Author: Adam Gavine

Adam divides his time as an editor between the worlds of aviation and motoring. These worlds may seem a little diverse today, but autonomous technology and future urban mobility is bringing them ever-closer. Adam is also chairman of the Vehicle Dynamics International Awards.

The pay strikes by more than 180 workers employed at TMD Friction’s facility in Hartlepool, UK, which supplies car makers with brake products, have ended after the Unite union secured a two year 11% pay deal

Pay strikes at the Hartlepool, UK factory of TMD Friction, a supplier of braking products, have intensified, according to the Unite workers union. There could effects on supplies for TMD customers, including Rolls Royce, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Bentley and McLaren

An agreement with Marelli solidifies Easyrain’s growth path and represents a significant milestone in its 2023-2030 industrial plan. In addition to the research and development of new products, the partnership aims to launch Easyrain’s aquaplaning technologies on the market, from late 2025