New speciality lubricants for braking applications


Dow Corning Corporation is championing its latest range of Molykote ‘smart lubrication’. Dow Corning states that this range of products enables improved brake-system performance and reliability, as well as helping control issues such as friction, wear and noise.

The lubricants are specifically formulated for brake-system applications. The makers claim that it contributes to driving comfort by reducing NVH, whilst also enhancing braking performance and reliability by resisting water washout, dust and dirt buildup, oxidation and searing heat and numbing cold. They also aid safety by helping maintain system seals without causing common elastomers such as EPDM and neoprene to soften, swell or lose sealing integrity.

“High-performance Molykote lubricants are expertly engineered to protect brake-system components and seals, provide durable lubrication, and optimize friction to reduce noise and wear,” said Matt Hagemeyer, a Dow Corning application engineering and technical service expert. “Our Smart Lubrication solutions meet the needs of today’s integrated braking systems with good materials compatibility, precise friction-control characteristics, high-load and slow-speed capacities, and reliable performance under typically demanding conditions.”

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