Honeywell introduces new position sensor


Honeywell is now offering its new SMART position sensor, rotary configuration that provides 360° non-contact angular position sensing. The sensor encompasses the most basic geometric configurations including lines, angles, and circles. It is highly durable, accurate, and cost-effective, enabling design engineers to replace an optical encoder, or to utilize a sensor instead of a resolver, which can be expensive and difficult to integrate into a system.

The SMART position sensor utilizes non-contact magnetoresistive (MR) technology to determine the object’s position, which allows it to accurately sense position in dirty and harsh environments, replacing optical encoders.

Honeywell’s SMART position sensor’s automotive-grade potting makes it more resistant to vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures, improving reliability and allowing for use in a wide variety of tough applications. Repeatable output that occurs within a 3mm ±2mm air gap between the sensor and magnet collar expand application opportunities. The sensor also provides minimal signal error with up to 2.50mm of radial error, simplifying design-in.

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