Sorl to supply Shaanxi Automotive Group


Sorl Auto Parts, Inc. a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive brake systems in China, has announced that it is supplying its three-pedal braking system to the new model M3000 heavy-duty vehicles produced by the Shaanxi Automotive Group.

The new braking system required conjoined frame molds, a challenging procedure, using a highly-complex die-casting process. The brake master valve and the clutch master cylinder were required to meet national standards. Two versions of the braking system were designed. One system is electronically based and the other uses mechanical processes.

“We are pleased to have met the vigorous quality and performance requirements that Shaanxi demanded for their new, key heavy-duty vehicles,” explained Ms. Jinrui Yu, SORL’s COO. “We seek to further expand our market share by capturing additional vehicle models and OEM customers utilizing our ability to quickly design and deliver complicated new braking systems.”

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