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Kistler Instruments has expanded its range of sensors and systems for automotive development and production, in particular, new developments of its NC electro-mechanical press system.

The company’s all-new maXYmos XY monitors make it possible to check and evaluate the quality of all manufactured products on the basis of a force-displacement curve. The user can apply evaluation objects in order to adapt the curve evaluation to the individual monitoring task. Based on this specification, the maXYmos can check each work piece and decide whether the part is good or bad.

The maXYmos NC (Numeric Control) replaces the Kistler DMF-P force/displacement monitoring device and is a development of the well-proven Kistler maXYmos technology designed specifically for use with the Kistler NCF servo actuators. The new large color touchscreen is used in conjunction with the user-friendly menu structure, PLC communications and improved data export facility.

Additionally, Kistler has launched the RoaDyn measuring wheel system. The RoaDyn wheel force sensors are now used by most manufacturers of road and track, vehicles to predict the durability performance of vehicle chassis and body. By providing data for CAE tools, realistic service load data can be applied to single suspension components and complete subassemblies during laboratory tests.

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