SKF to supply wheel bearings to Audi


SKF has signed contracts to supply Audi with components for use on a range of Audi models. This will include the supply of four different versions of wheel bearing units and a range of bearings for a new double-clutch transmission.

The SKF wheel bearing units include an active ABS system and the flexible design provides a cost-effective solution for a range of vehicles, from compacts to SUVs, using Audi’s new modular MLB Evo-platform.

Tryggve Sthen, president of SKF Automotive, said, “Together with our customers, we strive to deliver optimized solutions to meet their needs. We are proud to be a development partner with Audi and I am happy they have confidence in SKF’s knowledge engineering.”

Deliveries will begin in 2013 from SKF factories in Spain and Italy.

Meanwhile, SKF has launched the SKF Low Friction Hub Bearing Unit, an energy-efficient hub for cars. The product reduces friction by more than 20% compared to previous generations of SKF standard hub units, and provides CO2 savings of up to 0.6g/km. Additionally, a new grease provides longer life and a better resistance to micro-movements.

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