Proving ground round-up


In the latest proving ground developments Test World has opened an indoor winter test facility in Ivalo, Finland. The building offers natural snow and adjustable ground and air temperatures all year round, removing the vagaries of the winter climate from the testing equation for more predictable and repeatable results.

Meanwhile, Fowlerville proving ground, Michigan, is investing US$12 million to create new test tracks that emulate US highway surfaces. The 870-acre facility has four test tracks, including 48,000ft2 of low- and middle-µ tiles and a 20-acre dynamic pad.

Arctic Falls has begun a partnership with BD Testing, a subsidiary of the tire design and development company Black Donuts, to provide a full tire-development service. The partnership means customers can now send their tires for winter testing without having to provide a team of engineers to undertake the work.

Finally, developments have seen the extensive overhaul of MIRA proving ground’s UK facilities has taken a step forward with the completion of the first building of the new site. The 43,000ft2 building represents a £6 million investment and includes workshop space and a new control center.

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