ZF develops tilt lock for three-wheelers


ZF has developed an electromechanical tilt lock, which will enter volume production with “one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motorcycles” as standard equipment on a new, three-wheeled Maxiscooter. The device – the first series product to emerge from ZF’s business expansion into the motorcycle segment – is designed to increase comfort and safety levels when getting on and off tilting three-wheeled scooters, as well as during a standstill at traffic lights or in traffic or when stopping on a steep or sloping curve in the road.

”With the Tilt Lock, the three-wheeler can be stopped, and locked in an inclined position, making it easier to get on and off the bike when parked – particularly for shorter people. Also, when the bike is stationary in traffic or at red traffic lights, drivers do not need to support these vehicles with their feet to stop them from falling over,” explained Rainer Kirchner, head of the chassis product segment at ZF Race Engineering.

The Tilt Lock can be activated and deactivated via a switch on the handlebars, bringing the three-wheeler to a tilted position within a second of reaching a stop. ZF says that its Tilt Lock system is faster and more compact than comparable components currently on the market, and around two-thirds lighter, which can benefit driving dynamics.

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