Next-generation electric axle drive revealed


During the 13th Transmission Symposium China, hosted by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Vitesco Technology, a supplier of drive technologies and electrification solutions, unveiled its latest-generation highly integrated electric axle drive.

Named the EMR4 (Electronics Motor Reducer), the axle drive is designed to offer high power density, as well as compact dimensions and low weight (it is 25% lighter than its EMR3 predecessor, as well as being up to 5% more efficient). The platform covers power requirements from 80-230kW, enabling vehicle manufacturers to offer different power levels of the drive in one model without having to modify interfaces or mounting points.

“China is one of the most dynamic countries for innovations and electrification. That is why we chose to reveal the EMR4 platform here, during the renowned Transmission Symposium China”, said Changsong Yu, head of Vitesco’s electrification technology business unit in Asia. “The EMR4 will be manufactured in China among other places, based on a local network of supplying partners.”

Design for manufacturing will make it possible to produce every variation of the EMR4 platform on one production line. The production at Tianjin, China, will deliver the new drive to both local and international car makers.

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