Wabco develops autonomous braking technology to aid city safety


Wabco has unveiled its OnCity Urban Turning Assist system, a technology to help protect pedestrians and cyclists in city traffic. This single-sensor solution is the commercial vehicle industry’s first collision avoidance system that uses LiDAR technology for the purpose of object detection.

Engineered for trucks, buses and tractor-trailers, OnCity visually and acoustically alerts the driver regarding a potential collision with unprotected road users both right before and during a turning maneuver. If a road user is detected in a danger zone, the system can autonomously apply the brake to prevent collisions, should the driver fail to take corrective action. According to Wabco, OnCity performs reliably with high precision during nighttime, in blinding sunshine and even in low visibility conditions.

“A major road safety opportunity is to prevent traffic injuries and fatalities in urban areas where many thousands of lives can be saved annually around the world,” said Jorge Solis, Wabco’s president for the truck, bus and car OEM division. “Individuals pushing baby strollers, children, cyclists, senior citizens – indeed, everyone can be vulnerable on city streets. With OnCity technology, trucks and buses in community traffic become safer, particularly at intersections where the risk to encounter vulnerable road users is the highest.”

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