BWI and ClearMotion partner to grow active suspension business


BWI Group, an automotive braking and suspension system specialist, has partnered with ClearMotion, a proactive suspension and road sensing software company, to supply essential full-active suspension components and subsystems to an unnamed “leading” Chinese New Energy Vehicle (NEV) manufacturer.

The key technology is the ClearMotion1 (CM1) high-bandwidth active suspension system, created in an R&D collaboration between the two companies. This NEV deal marks the technology’s entry into the emerging NEV market.

The CM1 active suspension system combines BWI Group’s vehicle damping technology with ClearMotion’s intellectual property portfolio and expertise in vehicle and hydraulic motor/pump control. Coupled with ClearMotion’s control algorithms and integrated master control software, the design is claimed to enhance passenger compartment motion control in both dynamic and static situations. When integrated with the infotainment system, CM1 can also deliver an immersive in-cabin experience.

“Drawing upon our proprietary and extensive suspension damping system expertise, BWI technology solved inherent technical challenges usually present in high-bandwidth full-active suspension systems,” said George Chang, CEO of BWI Group. “ClearMotion and BWI Group together make a great team, utilising our respective strengths to empower smart mobility.”

ClearMotion CEO Christian Steinmann added, “ClearMotion1 will provide enhanced comfort, increased performance, improved safety, and entertainment for an immersive user experience for mobility of the future.  This partnership with BWI solidifies our shared vision to advance new technologies, shaping a new era of mobility.”

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