Morgan switches from steel chassis to CX-Generation aluminium platform


The launch of Morgan’s new CX-platform-based cars in 2020 will mark the end of production for the niche UK car company’s long-serving traditional steel chassis. The steel chassis was introduced in 1936 in Morgan’s first four-wheeled vehicle, the 4-4, and has underpinned its models over the 83 years since, including today’s 4/4, Plus 4 and V6 Roadster models.

New cars based on the recently introduced CX-Generation aluminium platform are due to be launched in 2020, including the Plus Six, which was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019. Designed in-house by Morgan, the platform is twice as rigid as the previous aluminium chassis used by the company, which underpinned the Aero 8 and second-generation Plus 8 models. The engineering team has focused on reducing weight, with the chassis weighing 97kg, contributing to the Plus Six’s 1,075kg dry weight.

Although full details of the new CX-Generation aluminium platform models are yet to be shared, the company has confirmed that the new model range will feature a variant with a manual gearbox, as well as an engine with a smaller capacity than the 3.0-litre turbocharged inline six-cylinder unit used in the Plus Six.

Morgan has not confirmed an official end date for production of the traditional steel chassis models but recognises a period where it will be produced alongside CX-Generation models before its discontinuation in 2020. More information on the model range, launch dates and celebration plans for the end of the traditional steel chassis will be made in 2020.

“The CX-Generation aluminium platform represents a significant undertaking for a small company like Morgan. Following the success of the platform and the Plus Six earlier this year, I am delighted that we can finally reveal further plans for new models in 2020,” stated Steve Morris, CEO of Morgan Motor Company.

“We recognise a need for a more resolved core product that fits in with our customer’s growing needs, as well as future legislative requirements. The advanced engineering encompassed within the new platform is a vital underpinning for the next generation of Morgan sports cars, and further demonstrates the exciting blend of craftsmanship and technology that makes Morgan cars unique,” he added.

Morris has also indicated that the final vehicles to be produced with the traditional steel chassis will be given “a fitting send-off.”

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