‘Plug in’ eAxle developed for Volvo S90 plug-in hybrid


GKN Automotive and Volvo Cars are continuing their driveline development partnership with the new Volvo S90 plug-in hybrid. By producing an eAxle system that fits in the same space as a standard rear drive module, a plug-in hybrid can be offered as a simple upgrade. The hybrid Volvo S90 can travel up to 28 miles in pure electric mode, with additional driving dynamics, performance, refinement and all-weather traction benefits.

GKN’s eAxle takes power from a 65kW, 240Nm electric machine with a nominal maximum input speed of 13,000rpm and – via a two-stage single speed gearbox with a ratio of 10:1 – delivers a nominal output torque of 2,400Nm. The system supports both pure electric driving and full all-wheel-drive capability where the rear wheels are driven by electric power and the front by a combustion engine.

In AWD and power mode the engine operates continuously and a 34kW engine-mounted ISG ensures there is sufficient charge level in the battery pack to supply the eAxle with requested power.

The technology was first launched on the new Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid SUV. The system has an internal efficiency of around 97.5% and uses a differential with electronic disconnect to decouple the electric motor at times to minimize losses.

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