Polestar 2 to feature two DRiV ride control options


Ahead of the 2020 launch of the Polestar 2 electric performance fastback, it has been revealed that buyers will be able to select from two ride performance technologies from DRiV: shocks and struts equipped with Monroe RideRefine RC1 frequency-dependent damping valves; and an optional performance package featuring Ӧhlins’ DFV (Dual Flow Valve) adjustable dampers.

The standard Polestar 2 ride performance package will include shock absorbers equipped with the Monroe RideRefine RC1 valve, which operates together with the dampers’ main valves to deliver a refined ride experience in sports cars, luxury vehicles and SUVs. The RC1 valve uses frequency-dependent damping technology to smooth-out high-frequency wheel motions caused by rough roads, which reduces vehicle body motion and noise for a more comfortable ride without compromising tyre grip, vehicle handling and direct steering response. The add-on valve can be tuned to meet manufacturers’ desired ride experience for each vehicle.

The Ӧhlins DFV dampers offered in the Polestar 2’s optional performance package will enable owners to tailor chassis damping and ride quality to reflect road condition, driving style and other variables.

The standard Polestar 2 will include shock absorbers equipped with the Monroe RideRefine RC1 valve

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