ContiTech develops protective gaiter for air suspension


ContiTech Vibration Control has announced a new protective gaiter for premium-class passenger cars. Attached inside the wheel arch, it protects the elements of the vehicle’s air suspension against stone impact, thereby extending the service life of the sensitive area.

ContiTech states that what sets this version apart from other such devices is the material used, which has been specifically developed for such applications.

The main component is thermoplastic polyurethane. According to ContiTech, it is much more flexible and has greater rebound strength than traditional materials made from thermoplastic polymers. Ultimately, this means that ContiTech’s gaiter has a much resistance capability.

“The special nature of the material can be felt immediately,” says Rolf Weiß, head of Product Development at ContiTech Vibration Control in Dannenberg. “Tests have confirmed the material’s resistance to abrasion.”

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