BWI engineers chassis for wheelchair users


Vehicle Dynamics Expo exhibitor BWI Group has helped engineer key chassis systems for the first vehicle designed and built from the outset for wheelchair users. BWI Group assisted Vehicle Production Group LLC (VPG) in developing the MV-1 wheelchair-accessible vehicle, including engineering the brake system, the electronic stability control, and fine-tuning the vehicle’s ride.

BWI Group’s responsibilities during the project included vehicle level activities such as ESC calibration, ride tuning, and brake system performance testing. Extensive computer simulation, analysis and testing of the braking system and chassis dynamics ensure that the MV-1 provides stability and comfort under a wide range of dynamic conditions.

Marty Reder, BWI Group’s global engineering director for Brake Systems said, “The MV-1 is an ambitious new OEM vehicle that improves personal mobility for wheelchair users. The design ensures that the vehicle remains level and stable, even when cornering. We also configured the electronic stability control system to further enhance stability and safety, prioritizing these properties over outright performance.”

Matt DeMars, VPG’s president and chief operating officer commented, “Aligning BWI Group as an integral supplier for the MV-1 assisted VPG in meeting the challenge of introducing a first-of-its-kind vehicle to serve the mobility community.”

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