Reinventing the damper with BWI


With an increasing focus on comfort and refinement in the premium sector, BWI believes that its new internal hydraulic rebound stop offers superior comfort over traditional deformed tube and flexible rubber part systems.

The unit consists of an advanced plastic molding section that allows for more accurate tuning and greater flexibility in adjustment. The new system also allows for a smoother ride and helps prevent damage to the vehicle and suspension components when the damper stroke reaches full travel – its hydraulic fluid system helping dissipate energy.

“With a growing number of executive segment models using softer suspension settings to increase vehicle comfort, rebound and bump stops are becoming more important to improve NVH and durability,” said Frank Robinson, BWI Group’s product line director for suspensions. “BWI Group’s expertise in advanced damping technologies offers manufacturers the tuning flexibility and precision they need to create vehicles with the highest standards of ride quality.”

BWI claims that the technology can reduce the peak force by two to three times, when compared to traditional mechanical rebound stops, whilst its low part-count – of just three components – helps integration of the part into standard dampers as well as simplifying construction.

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