Rear suspension rethought by Benteler


For some years now Benteler Automotive has been working with S2AB to rethink rear suspension design. The key change is to the toe gradient, which is to toe-out in bump rather than the convention toe-in setup, a behavior achieved by new kinematics, elasto-kinematics and chassis topology.

At Vehicle Dynamics Expo 2012, Benteler is not only raising awareness of the project, but also presenting its progress to date, which includes a working and thoroughly tested demo car featuring the five-link ‘Premium’ version of the technology, as well as a FWD demonstrator with the twist-beam ‘Compact’ version that’s about to begin testing, too.

In addition, the concept will be tested later this year on a Koenigsegg supercar, a further awareness-building exercise that, if successful, could potentially lead to a first OE contract for this radical approach. There’s still a long way to go in winning over automotive manufacturers, however. As Dr Armin Zuber, manager of advanced chassis for Benteler notes: “We’re trying to convince people that black is white…”

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