Tenneco develops DRiV dynamic damping


A digital suspension technology with a wide range of vehicle applications has been introduced by Tenneco. Named DRiV, the adaptive damping system is claimed to offer ride and handling benefits that are particularly well suited for the light truck market segment – reducing shake, bounce and ‘brake dive’ in pickup trucks, for example.

“DRiV is a true breakthrough in digital suspension technology that is unique in the market,” stated Ben Patel, Tenneco’s vice president and chief technology officer, adding that the damper has a simplified design that is easy to integrate and is available at an “affordable cost”.

Part of the Monroe Intelligent Suspension family, DRiV’s digital damper architecture features a modular design and does not require a complex ECU, as the electronics, sensors and software controls are located directly in the damper. This design makes DRiV easy to integrate into the existing suspension without extensive re-engineering of the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems. The system also incorporates a simplified gateway module, which provides cybersecurity and communication with the vehicle’s existing controller area network (CAN) bus.

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