Audi Motorsport installs 9DOF dynamics simulator


Audi Motorsport has completed the installation of the DiM150 (driver-in-motion) dynamic driving simulation solution from VI-grade at its Neuburg site in Bavaria, Germany. The simulator is equipped with Formula E and DTM car cockpits, and will be used for the virtual fine-tuning of the vehicle dynamics of the cars developed and marketed by Audi Motorsport, as well as for professional driver training.

“Due to the increasingly strict regulations of the motorsport series’ [Formula E and DTM], there are only a limited number of testing days available on real racetracks,” said Joachim Hausner, driving simulator coordinator at Audi Motorsport. “With our new DiM150 driving simulator we are very confident we will master these challenges, because we are able to develop cars more efficiently and precisely in advance, so that we are better prepared for the real racetracks later to improve our performance in races.”

“There is still some work to be done to fully implement and integrate the simulator in the development processes of all our race series, but we see great potential in this driving simulation solution for the future of Audi Motorsport,” continued Hausner.

To reproduce vehicle movements and accelerations, the DiM150 system design features nine actuators, enabling nine degrees of freedom (9DOF), which exceeds the six degrees (6DOF) of a typical six-actuator hexapod. The system is suitable for low as well as high frequencies, both of which occur in automotive chassis design. The DiM platform can be used to investigate vehicle dynamics as well as ride and comfort, all on the same motion platform.

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