Traffic simulation interface added to CarMaker


The development of functions and control units for autonomous driving systems requires simulation of real-world test scenarios that not only model the processes and actions of an individual vehicle, but also other road users, the surroundings, mutual reactions as well as the various related impacts on the test vehicle. With this in mind, IPG Automotive is now complementing its CarMaker traffic simulation solutions with an interface with PTV Vissim traffic simulation software. According to the company, this extended simulation environment combines realistic full-vehicle behaviour, versatile model integration options and sensor modelling with the traffic behaviour model of PTV Vissim, as well as the control of traffic lights and pedestrians.

The interface enables a co-simulation of both programs, with features including generation of virtual test tracks including lane, line and road elevation profiles using the Scenario Editor in CarMaker and converted to the data format for PTV Vissim. The configuration of the traffic behaviour and traffic lights is subsequently carried out in PTV Vissim, and the positions of the traffic objects (including cyclists and pedestrians) are transferred to CarMaker, enabling the virtual prototype to constantly interact with the modelled traffic objects in complex traffic scenarios. The stochastic traffic option is especially suited to testing driver assistance and automated driving functions with virtual test driving.

“The versatile possibilities both programs enable the individual parameterisation and reproducible simulation of complex scenarios,” explained Alexander Frings, product manager for engineering services at IPG Automotive.

In addition, variations of traffic density can be generated, for instance to analyse real driving emissions – a typical use case in the development of powertrain components. The CarMaker open integration platform allows test automation as well as the control of both programs, and therefore the automated variation of parameters in PTV Vissim.

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