Alcon upgrades Formula E brake-by-wire system


Alcon Components has unveiled AAC03, the latest generation of its brake-by-wire (BBW) technology. The company’s first brake-by-wire system, AAC01, was developed in 2016 primarily for use in Formula E, and Alcon has continued development of the system to offer what it describes as “a significantly enhanced package” for the AAC03.

AAC03 is not just an enhanced version of the AAC01; it is a new product design developed in collaboration with top-level motorsport suppliers and contractors selected for their expertise and innovation in high-performance electronic control and hydraulic actuation systems.

The AAC03 BBW system is a standalone solution for Formula E race cars, consisting of an integrated hydraulic power pack, a servo valve-actuated active circuit, a fail-safe manual backup circuit, an integrated ECU and fully enclosed wiring. An advantage over previous AAC designs is that Alcon’s engineers have strived to simplify, integrate and shave every gram from the system.

According to Alcon, the development and testing processes for AAC03 have included hundreds of hours of testing over a range of environmental conditions that include extremes of temperature and vibration at maximum duty cycles.

AAC03 will be available for adoption in advance of Formula E Season 7, and the company is offering a full training session for the front-line team that will be working with the unit. The team will gain a practical understanding of how the system operates, including instruction in the installation and operational processes. Courses will be held at Alcon’s HQ in Staffordshire, UK, with further details given on request.

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