The Spring 2022 issue of Vehicle Dynamics International is out!


The Spring 2022 issue of Vehicle Dynamics International magazine is now available online! The issue is packed full of dynamics developments, interviews and the latest technologies, including:

Our cover star: Gordon Murray!

From F1 racers to city cars, Gordon Murray has been breaking new ground in vehicle dynamics for 50 years. As he launches his new T.33 supercar, he speaks to Craig Thomas about getting the basics right, the potential for EV dynamics – and why large wheels are ludicrous

Lotus Eletre

The Eletre represents a major turning point in Lotus history, in terms of engineering, direction and market appeal. A hyper SUV may not be what fans of the marque would expect, but it could well Lotus’ smartest move in decades

Tyre treads that protect electronic components

A team of researchers has used simulation to create an optimised tyre tread pattern that can reduce water splashing from the road surface on to sensitive electronic components

An innovative tyre sensor

Sumitomo Rubber is developing a self-powered technology that can estimating tyre wear and contact patches

Braking technology

Automotive braking systems have evolved over a century, but have retained their fundamental principles. But with the rise of EVs, changes to legislation and emissions, and emerging technologies, could a revolution in brake design be underway? 

Lab testing

Vehicle Dynamics International is increasing its focus on test, development and evaluation tools, technologies and facilities. In this issue we introduce the latest innovations to help dynamics projects in the lab

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