Active steering shows the way ahead


An active steering technology has been developed by Wabco which could improve the comfort and safety of commercial vehicles. Named OnLaneAssist, the system combines active steering technology and a forward-looking camera that can detect lane markings and continuously evaluate the vehicle’s position relative to them, intervening with active lane correction, if required.

In order to prevent unwanted interventions, the system is claimed to be able to distinguish between planned lane changes and lane drifting. If lane drifting is detected, the system autonomously intervenes before the vehicle leaves its lane by applying correctional torque to the steering wheel to return the vehicle towards the center of the lane. Once the maneuver is complete and the proper driving path re-established, the system smoothly releases the torque.

The technology is intended for heavy- and medium-duty trucks and buses and is based on technology from R.H. Sheppard, a supplier of steering technologies for commercial vehicles (which Wabco acquired in September), and steering automation technology from Nexteer Automotive, with which Wabco has signed a cooperation agreement.

“OnLaneASSIST represents another important milestone on the commercial vehicle industry’s roadmap towards autonomous driving,” said Jorge Solis, president of Wabco’s truck, bus and car OEM division. “This advancement demonstrates Wabco’s capability to address the challenges of lateral vehicle dynamics control – furthering progress on the path to self-driving commercial vehicles.”

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