Heightened interest in TRW integrated brake control system


The vacuum independent braking system from TRW has been gaining customer interest. Demonstrated at an event in September, the integrated brake control system (IBC) is a unit that simplifies the brake system while enhancing the overall performance.

“Since we introduced this technology over a year ago, we’ve received significant interest from customers and now have development contracts running with major European vehicle manufacturers,” commented Josef Pickenhahn, vice president, Braking Engineering. “The system offers excellent braking performance that will make a considerable difference, and will enable features such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). With these functions becoming more important we believe that our IBC will be the braking solution of choice for the future.”

The IBC is a singular unit that replaces the electronic stability control (ESC) system along with the vacuum booster and the associated cables, sensors, switches, electronic controllers, and vacuum pumps where they are required for low or no vacuum configurations.

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