Pailton invests in high-tech CNC for steering systems


Pailton Engineering, a steering systems specialist based in Coventry, UK has invested in a HAAS VF-2SS machining centre to boost production and design capabilities. This purchase forms part of the company’s long-term modernisation strategy, to improve manufacturing flexibility for its made-to-order steering parts.  

The computer numerical control (CNC) machine was selected due to its range of tooling and automation capabilities, as the machine combines multiple processes into one unit. The HAAS VF-2SS is a vertical machining centre that can contribute to increasing production volumes – indeed the last two letters in the product title stand for ‘super speed’, with the machine capable of 12,000rpm milling and drilling. Also, the tool changer can switches at a high speed between 31 tools.

The HAAS VF-2SS features a wireless probing system that simplifies the setup process and reduces downtime. For Pailton Engineering machine operators, this means that they can upload data from computer-aided design (CAD) software more easily.

As well as being computer-controlled, the machine will be interconnected with Pailton’s factory floor. The machine can be connected wirelessly to the internet, to monitor the status of machine health and performance on a portable device. This interconnected capability is part of the company’s move towards Industry 4.0.

“Our customers build vehicles that operate in the harshest environments — on or off the road,” stated Roger Brereton, head of sales at Pailton Engineering. “To build steering systems that excel in these conditions, we need the most modern machinery. With the new HAAS, our engineers can make design changes faster and we can produce more efficiently.”

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