Hyundai N Performance models to gain lightweight carbon hybrid wheels


Lightweight automotive wheel manufacturer, Dymag, has partnered with Hankuk Carbon, a composites material specialist, to develop an advanced carbon hybrid wheel technology that will enhance the dynamics of Hyundai’s N Performance vehicles.

The wheel comprises a composite outer rim made from carbon fibre, and a precision-machined forged metallic centrepiece, a proprietary design which Dymag claims is 40-50%. Lighter than a traditional cast aluminium wheel. In addition to reduced unsprung mass, carbon hybrid wheel technology also reduces rolling inertia, offers improved stiffness and strength, and reduces gyroscopic force for improved handling and steering feel. Dymag also says that the inherent harmonic characteristics of carbon fibre also benefit NVH.

Full specifications of the new wheel will be revealed in the coming months. While this particular design is bespoke designed and developed with Hyundai, Dymag is also in advanced stages of creating wheels for “multiple car makers”, and the company says that further original equipment supply agreements will be announced soon.

“This is the start of what we hope is a long and fruitful relationship with Hyundai, which will bring our game-changing technology to a wider audience of global automotive customers,” said Tom de Lange, CEO of Dymag. “Carbon hybrid wheels bring many benefits for high-performance vehicles, with very low capital expenditure for car makers thanks to our patented technology and lean production methods. We look forward to announcing further OEM agreements very soon.”

A 21-inch version of the Hyundai N carbon hybrid wheel. Dymag wheels are currently available in sizes of 18-to-23-inches, to which new 24-inch and 25-inch examples will be added later this year

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