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Racelogic has introduced a clip-on CAN interface that enables the reading of signals from a vehicle’s CAN bus without an electrical connection. Installation only requires clipping the enclosure over the CAN-High and CAN-Low wires on the vehicle bus and connecting the output of the interface to the VBOX.

Meanwhile Racelogic also plans to introduce a moving base solution to allow engineers to measure up to 2cm range accuracy without a DGPS base station.

Moving base utilizes the same RTK DGPS technology as a static base station and compensates for the fact that the ‘base station’ is moving by transmitting RTK correction messages 50 times a second via a radio link.

By using this method you will be able to achieve the range accuracy required to perform a number of ADAS tests, including forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control.

By eliminating the need for a DGPS Base Station, it reduces the cost of our ADAS testing solution and allows the user to perform tests without the need to keep within a set broadcast range. This makes it ideal for testing system performance in real world scenarios where it is often impractical to keep to a distance parameter.

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