New wheel force transducer from Caemax


Caemax has released details of its latest wheel force transducer (WFT), the WFT-CX. The new product is claimed to be not only waterproof but also capable of providing a significantly higher resistance against any mechanical or thermal load in all weather conditions.

Based on an innovative digital signal conditioning electronic and a completely new mechanical design a new level of measurement accuracy can be reached which was not possible in the past.

Thanks to a widely digitized signal processing, the WFT-CX requires substantially fewer strain gauges than comparable systems. The traditional noise sensitive analogue treatment of strain gauge signals is now replaced by digital online computing. This results in a much higher dynamic of the measuring signals, which allows for so called comfort measurements as well as measurements on impassable grounds.

The application of the new WFT-CX ranges from small cars (minimum rim diameter: 14″) up to big limousines, but particularly covers also SUVs and light trucks (maximum diameter of the hub: 5.5″). Apart from the waterproof design the shock resistance up to 50g is essential, which for the first time allows for experiments with drives over heavy bumps, such as speed bumps.

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