The Ford Focus ST Adjustable Track Pack


Ford’s new Track Pack option for the Focus ST enables drivers to fine-tune responsiveness for track driving. The pack includes an adjustable KW Automotive coilover suspension system that works in harmony with reduced-mass alloy wheels, as well as 363mm front brake discs and Brembo brake callipers and a bespoke tyre specification. The Track Pack has been developed by Ford Performance and extensively tested at Ford proving grounds and Germany’s Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Jointly developed with KW Automotive, the Track Pack’s coilover suspension system features stainless steel housings for dampers that offer 12-step adjustment for upward response, and 16-step adjustment for rebound. The two modes of adjustment allow track-day drivers to fine-tune the suspension responses of their Focus ST, and even adjust performance to suit their favourite circuits.

The dampers work alongside powder-coated springs that are up to 50% stiffer and reduce ride-height by 10mm compared with the standard Focus ST – lowering the centre of gravity and helping reduce body roll for faster changes of direction. Drivers can also adjust the suspension for a further drop of up to 15mm in ride height, where permitted by local legislation.

Flow formed, 19in alloy wheels are manufactured using a process that compacts the aluminium alloy to retain tensile strength and increase shock resistance, while using less material for a lighter alloy. The result is wheels that are 10% lighter than standard and can change vertical direction faster, which improves tyre contact and grip for optimised acceleration, braking and cornering. The wheels are complemented by bespoke, grip-optimised Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres.

Braking performance is also enhanced, as the front discs are 10% larger in diameter than the standard 330mm versions on the Focus ST, combined with Brembo four-piston fixed callipers to improve grab and provide more area to dissipate heat faster – reducing heat-induced fade during prolonged track sessions.

“Adjustable suspension, huge brakes and grippy tyres help optimise performance, body control and track durability for maximum fun – and that’s what this car is all about,” said Stefan Muenzinger, manager of Ford Performance, Europe.

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