Latest generation TRW EPB finds favor with Japanese OEMs


TRW Automotive has launched its latest-generation electric park brake (EPB) technology with three major Japanese OEMs, and is set to begin production with a fourth automaker in the near future. The EPB system functions as a conventional hydraulic brake for standard service brake applications, and as an electric brake for parking and emergency braking.

“Because an EPB is electronically rather than mechanically controlled, it can work with a variety of vehicle systems and sensors,” explained Peter Lake, EVP of sales for TRW. “As an example, in the US, following NHTSA’s recent FMVSS 111 amendment that will require rear backup cameras, an EPB system could be integrated with the video signal and automatically brake the vehicle if a potential issue is detected.”

TRW’s EPB system, utilizing electrical cables and a control switch instead of a typical foot pedal or hand lever, simplifies routing and allows for greater freedom of design for vehicle interiors. Its smaller package becomes even more attractive as vehicle manufacturers continue to requisition vehicle space for new features and options, whilst also offering significant weight reduction when compared to conventional park brake systems.

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