Fersa Bearings takes over PFI Bearings


Fersa Group has purchased 100% of PFI Group, the parent company of Perfect Fit Industries (PFI Bearings), with a focus on automotive aftermarket bearings for light-duty vehicles. With the acquisition, Fersa, a Spanish multinational bearings specialist, aims to strengthen its global distribution strategy in the light automotive aftermarket and to diversify its product range.

“With this acquisition, Fersa completes an operation that deepens its strategy of diversifying and increasing its international presence with its own subsidiaries,” stated Pedro Pablo Andreu, COO of Fersa Group.

The acquisition consolidates the growth of the Spanish business group, adding a new brand to its range of bearing solutions, which also includes three other commercial brands: Fersa Bearings for the automotive sector, NKE Austria for the industrial and wind power sectors, and A&S for the agricultural sector. The group does not rule out the addition of new brands and companies to its portfolio in the near future, according to Andreu.

“Fersa has taken another step forward in its strategy of growth, diversification and global presence,” added Andreu. “The purchase especially strengthens the group’s presence in the aftermarket sector, expanding our own commercial infrastructure in Latin America, Australia and Europe as part of a commitment to internationalisation that Fersa Bearings began 10 years ago.”

Since then, the company has evolved to become a specialist in high-performance bearings, not only for the aftermarket but also for OEM and Tier 1. “Although PFI will continue to operate independently, the acquisition generates synergies and strategically strengthens Fersa Group, which demonstrates its clear intention to continue on the path of growth to reach a turnover of 138 million Euros in 2022,” Andreu stated.

Fersa Group closed 2021 with a turnover of 105 million Euros and 19% growth compared to 2020. PFI had a turnover of US$16.8 million in 2021.

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