Ricardo sets up agile engineering initiative


Engineering consultancy, Ricardo has set up a new concept named TRNTY, which it says will break down barriers in the conventional model of consulting, providing customers with immediate access to a global pool of expert consulting support that would be beyond the capability of the largest consulting firms. The network also offers a framework through which expert consultants can offer their services as independent professionals. TRNTY (pronounced ‘trinity’) is so named because it is based upon three pillars of agility, quality and delivery, with rapid engagement from project inception to completion.

Throughout a consultant’s deployment, TRNTY will be on hand to manage and regularly review the relationship, ensuring defined objectives are achieved. As well as providing immediate support, TRNTY can source deployment-ready consultants for clients who have projects in the pipeline.

The network also provides specialist expertise from a diverse range of sectors so clients can benefit from related or alternate industry perspectives, with a core knowledge base from automotive, mobility, transportation, energy and environment sectors, complemented by insight from additional innovation-led industries. This setup is intended to benefit businesses such as OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, government and regulatory bodies, or venture capital firms.

In terms of subject matter experts, the network is varied, offering access to consultants from several fields, from smart mobility to Industry 4.0 and supply chain to powertrain innovation.

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be involved in technology-led engineering and manufacturing,” stated Sam Hassall, business unit leader of TRNTY, “but it’s also one of the most challenging periods that we have ever experienced. The evolving landscape presents so many opportunities, but pushing projects over the line means businesses need to call increasingly on specialisms and insights that are beyond the skillset of their existing workforce. They also frequently don’t have the time, budget, or even know where to find that resource. TRNTY provides a one-stop solution, enabling clients to overcome these challenges, no matter the size or complexity, and ensuring businesses and organisations can efficiently deliver what may be the next big thing in their industry.”

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