RTI joins Autoware Foundation to accelerate AV development


Software framework provider, Real-Time Innovations (RTI), has joined the Autoware Foundation, an open alliance for autonomous driving technology. RTI joins other automotive and technology specialists in an effort to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles and progress technological advancements in the driverless vehicle market.  

RTI will work with the Autoware Foundation on the development of its autonomous vehicle and simulation projects and will support the Autoware.Auto open-source software stack, based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard.

Founded in 2018 and jointly initiated by Apex.AI, Inc., Linaro/96Boards, and Tier IV, the Autoware Foundation is a non-profit organisation created to initiate, grow and fund open-source collaborative Autoware projects. The foundation has three active projects to date: Autoware.AI, Autoware.Auto and Autoware.IO. RTI will contribute its automotive expertise to collaborate on the development of the foundation’s autonomous vehicle project, as well as using its experience with ROS2, the open-source robotics project based on DDS, to help advance the foundation’s Autoware.IO and Autoware.Auto initiatives. 

“The DDS standard is specified by the important automotive ecosystems, including ROS2 and Autoware, and multiple commercial designs,” said Bob Leigh, senior market development director, commercial markets at RTI. “We believe the best path to getting autonomous vehicles on the road and into the mainstream is by leveraging the flexibility and scalability of Connext Drive and DDS, for all ecosystems industry-wide.”

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