Aptera signs composite body agreement with CPC


Solar electric vehicle manufacturer, Aptera, has signed an agreement with the CPC Group to produce its specialised composite bodies in Modena, Italy. The deal will see CPC supply materials and structures for Aptera’s Body in Carbon (BINC), which comprises only six main parts. The majority of the BINC is made of carbon fibre sheet-moulding compound (CF-SMC), combined with glass sheet moulding compound (SMC) and it can be recycled up to five times.

CF-SMC is a lightweight material consisting of a random arrangement of short fibres that make it possible to mould intricately shaped parts. The material offers higher stiffness and strength than standard SMC and, because it can be press-moulded, this process reduces manufacturing times for the BINC and will reduce delivery times for Aptera.

According to Franco Iorio, CEO of CPC, “Aptera represents a shift away from conventional thinking of the past. We desire to be a part of this future, which is why we’re joining Aptera’s movement. We’ll be building the bodies for their unique solar vehicle in the heart of the Motor Valley [the Modena region is home to companies including Ferrari and Lamborghini], allowing Aptera to scale up manufacturing right away to meet the high demand for its first vehicle.”

Indeed CPC customers include Ferrari and Lamborghini, as well as other OEMs including McLaren, Maserati, BMW and Lotus.

Aptera has secured more than 37,000 reservations for its vehicle and is aiming to begin deliveries in 2023 and ramp-up to a full-scale production rate of 40 vehicles per day at its final assembly location in Carlsbad, California.

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