Mazda enhances its G-Vectoring Control vehicle dynamics system


Mazda has announced that it has developed a second generation of its SKYACTIV-Vehicle Dynamics system. Named G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC Plus), the vehicle dynamics control system will be rolled out across the entire Mazda range, with the updated Mazda CX-5 (pre-orders for which start today in Japan) being the first to feature the new technology.

The original G-Vectoring Control system, launched on the Axela (Mazda3) model in 2016, was the first technology from the SKYACTIV-Vehicle Dynamics series to be released, and was also the world’s first control system to vary engine torque in response to steering inputs. The result, according to Mazda’s engineers, was integrated control of lateral and longitudinal acceleration forces, and optimized vertical load on each wheel for smooth and efficient vehicle motion.

The GVC Plus update uses the brakes to add direct yaw moment control, further enhancing handling stability. For example, if the driver of a GVC Plus-equipped vehicle steers out of a corner by returning the steering wheel to the center position, the system applies a light braking force to the outer wheels, providing a stabilizing moment that helps return the vehicle to pointing straight ahead. The system realizes consistently smooth transitions between yaw, roll and pitch, even under high cornering forces, improving the vehicle’s ability to track sudden steering inputs and exit corners crisply and accurately. In addition to improving handling in emergency collision avoidance maneuvers, GVC Plus is also intended to offer a reassuring feeling of control when changing lanes on the highway and when driving on snow or other slippery road surfaces.


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