DRiV develops add-on valve technology for passive dampers


DRiV, a subsidiary of Tenneco specialising in aftermarket and OE ride hardware, has developed a cost-effective add-on valve technology for passive dampers that is designed to enhance vehicle comfort, handling and ride performance. Named Monroe RideRefine SDD (stroke dependent damping), this valve technology works in concert with a damper’s main valve to provide what the company describes as “highly refined, luxury-level ride characteristics” in a full range of driving conditions.

SDD is claimed to improve road isolation, which can enable vehicle manufacturers to tune vehicles for greater ride comfort with minimal impact on handling. A bypass on the main valve directs oil into the SDD valve, which provides separate, tunable damping of small strokes for reduced vibration and harshness. Following completion of the small piston stroke, the damper’s main valve resumes normal operation.

“Monroe RideRefine SDD valves bring new levels of comfort and tunability to conventional dampers,” said Neville Rudd, DRiV’s group vice president and general manager for ride control. “Stroke-dependent damping helps ensure the damper effectively filters out minor road inputs encountered on highways and other comparatively smooth surfaces. Additionally, because the new valve is added below the piston, it is easy to integrate into an existing damper design.”

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