Innovative front forks for MY2020 Yamaha R1M


Sweden-based suspension supplier, Öhlins has announced that the MY2020 Yamaha R1M will be the first motorcycle to be fitted with its NPX front fork with Smart EC 2.0. This pressurised, electronically controlled front fork features 43mm diameter inner tubes and damping technology derived from Moto GP racing.

The fork has completely separated compression and rebound circuits, which use stepper motors to adjust damping, with riding modes controlled from the handlebars. The gas reservoir is integrated into the fork bottom brackets, saving weight and giving the fork a sleek look.

The NPX-EC is designed to help minimise the risk of cavitation, improve bump absorption and build pressure faster in the stroke. Claimed benefits include more precise front tyre feedback, improved grip and control, reduced static damping force leading to improved road noise filtering, and a ‘pressurised feeling’ that gives the rider a sense of direct contact with the asphalt, which can enhance rider confidence.

“The pressurised NPX-EC front fork developed for the race track aims to give the rider a confidence boost to decrease lap times,” said Emil Åberg, acting general manager at Öhlins’ motorcycle division. “Decreased lap times is how you win races, and that’s what this fork does well.”

Öhlins’ NPX front fork, as fitted to the 2020 Yamaha R1M

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