Applus+ IDIADA China adds driving simulator facility


VI-grade, an automotive simulation and driving simulator company, has announced that its long-term customer and partner, Applus+ IDIADA, has expanded its virtual development services in China with a DiM250 Dynamic Driving Simulator. The simulator has been installed at the IDIADA Proving Ground in Zhaoyuan, China and is now fully operative.

The simulator is capable of generating longitudinal, lateral and rotational acceleration forces of up to 2.5g to help engineers in areas such as chassis development, vehicle dynamics, ADAS, autonomous driving and human factor applications. According to VI-grade it features “extremely low latency” and high frequency and enables the simulation of a wide range of vehicle dynamic manoeuvres and complex driving situations.

Alexandre Català, managing director of IDIADA China said, “The availability of optimum driver-in-the-loop solutions allows us to combine them with our proving ground, providing unique development methods that minimise the use of prototypes, thus, reducing the critical development path and overall costs.”

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