Claytex launches AV simulation solution


Claytex, a modelling and simulation software specialist, has launched AVSandbox, a system for autonomous vehicle simulation designed to enable automotive manufacturers to test, develop and deploy AV solutions into the real world. The company has been working on simulation technology for autonomous vehicles since 2016, building on seven prior years of work with full-motion driving simulators for Formula 1 and NASCAR.

AVSandbox is an advanced simulation solution designed to help vehicle manufacturers work toward inherent safety by design for AVs. The AVSandbox team has close ties with government regulatory bodies, and they have been working together to identify the standards which will shape international autonomous vehicle regulations so they can develop systems that will help OEMs develop vehicles that safely meet those criteria.

“With simulation, we can put autonomous vehicles into all types of edge cases – high-risk situations – to see what they’ll do, how they’ll handle it,” said Mike Dempsey, managing director of Claytex. “We’ve got to have the simulation technology that allows us to fully immerse the autonomous vehicle, with all its sensor suite, into these complex environments. It’s this type of testing that we’re using within the D-Risk project to help create a virtual driving test for AVs.”

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