CM Labs creates an Unreal new simulation platform


CM Labs Simulations has announced the upcoming release of Vortex Studio for Unreal Engine, a new integration connecting Vortex Studio and Unreal Engine. This integration is intended to make it easier to connect Epic Games’ Unreal Engine with the feature set of Vortex Studio, a realistic and real-time multi-body simulation platform for vehicle and equipment simulator deployment.  

Available in December 2019, the free software integration developed by CM Labs will allow developers to publish and connect simulations built in Vortex Studio with an Unreal Engine workflow. According to the company, this tie-up makes for an interoperable toolkit for integrators and design teams looking to develop simulations for applications such as virtual prototyping, driver-in-the-loop testing, operator training, and simulation-based training of AI. 

“The integration with Vortex Studio connects the best of both worlds. It allows for a seamless integration of Vortex Studio’s high-fidelity simulation toolset and Unreal Engine,” said Sébastien Lozé, industry manager, simulations at Epic Games. “CM Labs has provided a way for engineers and simulation experts to easily combine the tools needed to generate high-quality, high-fidelity machine system level simulations with operational scenarios built into Unreal Engine.” 

In particular, the Vortex Studio and Unreal Engine integration allows development teams to take advantage of the visual and scenario development pipeline of Unreal Engine with a workflow that supports mechanical and systems engineers in order to perform tasks such as building and testing vehicle and equipment in real-time multi-body simulations; quickly integrating hardware-in-the-loop, such as control systems, motion, haptics, etc; connecting in real time to model-based systems engineering tools such as Matlab Simulink; and building, validating and optimising simulation performance through the dedicated editor and remote debugger interfaces.

To demonstrate the technology, CM Labs has constructed a combined Vortex Studio and Unreal Engine-based VR driver trainer, which will be on display at I/ITSEC 2019 (2-6 December in Orlando, USA) on the Epic Games booth (#2161). Visitors will have the opportunity to engage a Ricardo US Army FED ALPHA vehicle in a series of manoeuvres on the multi-sensory simulator (visuals, motion, haptic, and auditory feedback).

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