Mercedes-AMG to fit 9DoF motion platform for dynamics development


Mercedes-AMG has revealed plans to install a new motion platform at its headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany in Q3 or Q4 of 2018. This platform, the newly developed DiM250 (driver-in-motion) model designed by VI-grade and engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya, will be used by Mercedes-AMG to virtually optimize the dynamic behavior of its entire range of passenger vehicles.

An AMG car cockpit will be fitted to the moving platform, which in turn is fitted with nine actuators, which will give the ‘driver’ motion feedback, with a large degree of travel over the nine degrees of freedom (9DoF). The system’s range of motion and high stiffness mean that it is suitable for both low and high frequencies, as found in automotive chassis’, meaning that the DiM platform can be used to investigate and tune vehicle dynamics, as well as ride and comfort factors, on the same motion platform.

Mercedes-AMG is an existing customer of VI-grade’s software systems for vehicle simulation, but before committing to this driver-in-motion technology, key members of its dynamics team visited VI-grade’s SimCenter in Udine, Italy several times to evaluate the system. A professional driver from the AMG team tried out the DiM technology on the Nordschleife circuit, with data for one of its car projects currently in the development phase loaded into the system.

“One of the main aspects that led to our decision to adopt the DiM250 driving simulator was that our driver was able to reproduce almost the same lap time on the simulator as in reality. We will use DiM250 primarily for vehicle dynamics applications, therefore evaluating and optimizing the performance of our cars not only on proving grounds and racing circuits, but also on the simulator earlier in the process”, said Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG.

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