MSC digitises Applus+ IDIADA’s proving grounds


CAE simulation software and services provider, MSC Software Corporation (MSC), has signed an agreement with Applus+ IDIADA to deliver its Virtual Proving Ground through Adams multibody dynamics simulation software, enabling automotive manufacturers to perform virtual vehicle dynamics test and development using a digitised version of the test tracks at the 360-hectare Barcelona facility.

The IDIADA Spain Virtual Proving Ground is a digitised 3D representation of all tracks in the proving ground, made available in Adams vehicle multibody dynamics software. The system is intended to enable customers to generate road load data to perform realistic durability, ride and handling and comfort analysis of multiple vehicle systems. Using such a simulation can reduce reliance on prototype vehicles for load case generation, and provide comprehensive data access to any engineer in any location to save engineering time and reduce cost.

“Collaborating with MSC on the promotion of IDIADA Spain Virtual Proving Ground is a big step forward in our digitisation strategy. It creates an added-value product to the end customer, as well as offering realistic models to the simulation community. Most of our customers use Adams, so it aligns with the importance we give to simulation as a crucial pillar in the Applus IDIADA engineering services.”, said Javier Gutierrez, project manager at Applus+ IDIADA.

MSC adds that using Applus+ IDIADA’s virtual road load data can improve simulation accuracy at the early stages of a vehicle development process, offering savings in time and resources. It ensures that load cases are generated from the actual road surfaces rather than using ‘man made’ or library road load data to validate physicial prototypes. Using the Adams EncVPG Toolkit for IDIADA VPG, Adams users simply select the required test track from an integrated menu to securely load the data into the simulation environment. They can use it immediately to drive an Adams model – for example providing road definition to for electric vehicle NVH co-simulation using Actran acoustics simulation.

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