VI-grade to reveal cable-driven simulator at SimCenter


VI-grade is planning to hold a virtual grand opening of its expanded SimCenter in Udine, Italy on 14 October, 2020. The SimCenter is an advanced vehicle development and driving simulation centre located at the company’s headquarters, and it will feature the DiM400, the first model of VI-grade’s new family of scalable, cable-driven driving simulators, which will be officially revealed during the event.

The event will go live at 4pm CEST, with Diego Minen, CTO of VI-grade and professional drivers discussing the capabilities of the technology. VI-grade also plans to roll out another “major product line extension” during the event, which will add to the company’s portfolio of offline and on-line driving simulators.

“Our customers are now asking for simulators with larger range of motion, higher performance, and broader application areas such as ADAS/AV and NVH. To accommodate these requests, we’ve now complemented our actuator-driven simulator products with a range of larger, cable-driven simulators that set a new high-bar for simulator performance,” said Diego Minen, CTO of VI-grade. “We’ve retained our signature architecture of a lower stage that translates and rotates in a plane to represent the chassis and tire/roadway dynamics coupled with an upper stage, 6six degree-of-freedom mechanism, that faithfully recreates the higher-frequency vehicle body motion. This architecture allows to speed up the tuning process, ultimately leading to a better and more immersive driving experience.”

This new line of larger simulators incorporates technologies including independent lateral, longitudinal and yaw travel; longer exposure to steady-state accelerations; a sound-isolated simulation environment; higher yaw and yaw rates for motorsports applications; and ‘superb’ vertical heave. They are also claimed to be the first active simulators to allow full control of both low- and high-frequency performance.

You are invited to register free-of-charge for this virtual event HERE

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