Accurate wheel force measurement from Kistler


Kistler has announced the introduction of its new KiRoad Performance on-board electronics; a compact, mobile control unit that enables users to configure Kistler RoaDyn wheel force transducers quickly and reliably.

The new unit ensures that measurement data is processed reliably, by supporting the wireless operation of wheel force measurement systems on the vehicle and, in future on the test bench.

Kistler states that the unit’s compact design (199 x 182 x 127mm) makes the KiRoad Performance easy to install a vehicle, even when space is at a premium. The unit also provides the power supply for RoaDyn wheel force transducers, whilst processing the raw signals from the load cells with crosstalk and lever-arm compensation. The system delivers data in digital and analog form to maximize the accuracy of measurement results.

Jakub Vidner, Kistler’s Product Manager for Vehicle Dynamics and Durability, is convinced that measurement of vehicle dynamics as well as durability and tire tests will become far easier and more reliable with this new product: “The intuitive configuration and flexible interfaces of the compact KiRoad Performance meet all the requirements for a user-friendly, high-precision measuring platform that can deliver state-of-the-art wheel force measurements.”

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