Millbrook announces multi-million pound investment


Millbrook, a design, test and engineering solution provider for the automotive, public transport, energy and defence markets, has announced its plans to build a state-of-the-art four wheel drive chassis dynamometer test cell at its 700 acre proving ground in Bedfordshire, UK.

Following the award of a GBP£1.95m (US$2.9m) Government grant in April 2014, the facility has been moving forward with its plans, which will enable its customers to develop innovative ways of improving air quality, focussing heavily on hybridisation, electrification and the development of less polluting fuels.

The new chassis dynamometer will ensure tests are carried out in a climate-controlled environment, with appropriate instrumentation for gathering highly accurate emissions and fuel measurements.

Millbrook is currently seeking professional architectural services to assist with the design and construction of this high-tech facility, and recently held a supplier day for 40 potential contributors to the project.

“Millbrook is leading the way in automotive innovation and this new facility will help to cement our position as the UK’s number one facility for benchmarking and developing the most advanced powertrains for future vehicles,” stated Alex Burns, chief executive of Millbrook. “We are thrilled to be starting the New Year with an initiative that looks set to change the future of the automotive industry.”

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