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No fancy test track, no exotic location, but one amazing experience. Join race legend Dario Franchitti as he delivers the T.50 to Gordon Murray on a wet UK day for its final sign-off drive. Warning: adult V12 noise content

Explore five key factors influencing the dynamics performance of race cars with Mike Law, an experienced motorsport vehicle dynamicist. Law joins automotive engineering consultancy, Wavey Dynamics, to discuss the factors of powertrain, weight, driver, tyres and aerodynamics

How do you quantify a car being ‘fun to drive’, and how can you achieve integrated vehicle control development using driving simulators? Hiroki Sato, from Hitachi Astemo’s vehicle integrated control technology development department, discusses these topics and more

Automechanika Birmingham has produced the ‘Women in Automotive’ documentary to celebrate International Women’s Day and highlight some of the incredible females in the automotive industry. The guests give tips on how to be successful and offer advice to employers looking to diversify their workforce

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Nissan Ariya e-4Orce’s journey to get ready for an expedition from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole. The modified Ariya will be driven over 17,000 miles through extreme conditions, making it the first vehicle of any type to take on the journey

Most Lamborghini Urus Performantes will be driven on tarmac, but it’s good to know they can perform off road. Lamborghini’s attribute and performance developer, Mario Fasanetto, shows what the super-SUV is capable of during this thrilling off-trail spin